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GoI-UNDP Projects

Ministry of Home Affairs in collaboration with United Nations Development Program (UNDP), India has been empowering communities since 2002 to manage disaster risk in rural and urban areas. With UNDPs support, pilot interventions with communities across India have been successful in strengthening community based preparedness to tackle disasters.

GoI-UNDP Disaster Risk Management Programme (2002-2009) was the first programme implemented by the Ministry of Home Affairs to minimize losses of development gains from disasters and reduce vulnerability. The project was implemented in the 17 state governments, primarily at the community level in 176 multi hazard prone districts.

GoI-UNDP Disaster Risk Reduction Programme (2009-2012) was implemented to strengthen the institutional structure to undertake Disaster Risk Reduction activities at various levels including risks being enhanced due to climate change, and develop preparedness for recovery. It had two components, namely, Institutional Strengthening and Capacity Building for Disaster Risk Reduction and Urban Risk Reduction.

Since 2013, GoI-UNDP Programme for “Enhancing Institutional and Community Resilience to Disasters and Climate Change (2013-2017)” is being implemented to provide technical support to strengthen capacities of government, communities and institutions to fast-track implementation of the planning frameworks on Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) and Climate Change Adaptation (CCA). The urban component of the project is being funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).